All classes follow WKA tech with the exception of local weight changes.
No tire prep at track (including WD40)

These are the current classes being run. If you have a class to bring we will be gladly add you to our program.

We encourage all traveling racers to join us to race. For oval classes you will be permitted 2 race days on Non-Burris tires. If you come for the third race day you must have Burris 55 tires or you will not be permitted to race.

We do not have electronic scoring. Your numbers must be highly visable to our scorers. Champ Karts must have a number plate on the top right side of roll cage.


Road Course

Open Tire Rule for all RC classes
All ages are WKA ages

50cc Kid Kart
 Ages 5-7 Comer 50cc engine, NO OUTLAW ENGINES. 
150 pound minimum weight. 
89 tooth rear gear. 10 tooth driver.

80cc Cadet Sportsman
 Ages 8-12. Comer K 80 engine 
235 minimum weight

100cc Yamaha Sportsman & Rookie
Will be 2 classes in one
  Yamaha KT100 engine. 
Rookie 3 hole can and 225 pound minimum weight.
Yamaha Sportsman 4 hole can and 255 pound minimum weight

 Briggs Junior Road course
12-15 yrs old
Animal, black plate, 320lb
(as of now Briggs sportsman and Briggs junior will run together depending on kart count)

Yamaha Sr Can (road course)
Yamaha kt100 with 4 hole can
Ages 15 and up
Weight to be determined

Briggs Sportsman
 Ages 10-12. Briggs Animal with Blue Plate. 
265 pound minimum weight.

Oval Classes

BURRIS Raptor 0.050 Piston ok Muffler requiredBriggs Sportsman
 Ages 8-12. Raptor engine with purple plate. 
Weight to be determined, 290 lbs if on large oval, 265 lbs if on small. 

Sportsman Champ
 Ages 7-12. Raptor Engine w/Blue Plate. Small oval. 
300 pound minimum weight. 

Junior Champ
 Ages 12-15. Raptor Engine w/Gold Plate. Large Oval. 
375 pound minimum weight. 

Senior Oval
 Ages 15 and up. Raptor engine. Large oval.
 375 pound minimum weight. 

Clone Heavy
Builder Prepared clone engine. 
400 pound minimum weight. 
Builder prepared, gas or alcohol, big pipe, open muffler( must have one) open clutch, stock size valves, open valve springs