Nick Tedesco     1170                 Tim Knight     1101                  Evan Tedesco    616                  Noah Salmon      359             Gage Addy           320                 Deegan Zantene  280              Austin Berger     203                   Nathan Smart          177

Yamaha Rookie

Anthony Lauer          1587       Samantha Zantene   733

Yamaha Sportsman

Elizabeth Lauer        1493            Anthony C Lauer         505           Ty Canoles    408                       Sam Bigham       360                   Eric Goldstein      303               Madison Bland        203

Flat Purple Plate

Emily Anthony       1363              Kaleb Swanson     733                Eric Goldstein     379                

Jr Champ

Mackinze Pringle     1530       Tlen Timberlake         896     Braedon Scott         881           Louie Antonsanti     867      Maddie Nichols        821        Sam Bigham          544               Colton Ritchey      292

Jr Champ Animal

Madison Bland       1341       Shania Bland         558              Mark Shay        316                Chris Hunt     361                          Bill Berger      336

Sr Flat Oval

Lee Walters      788                    Scott Cain             668                    Gary Shumaker      476        Shane Ixos               358

Sr Clone Oval

Mitch Romar          1278

Rick Minnier           1025           Mark  Romar         964              Scott Cain           771           Suzanne Pauley         720     Bambi Romar            698       Evan Roberts          289           Brandon Wood-Merchant   148

Chuck Heyman          135         Todd Chase                128

Lee Walters                 118

Quarter Midgets

Brandon Baker       723                Thad Ledgler        643                   Jarod Hite          643                 Kevin Herron            365          Mackinze Pringle      348          Ryan Tedesco          315

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2015 Points

Updated: 8/14/15

Points have been updated.   Remember, top 10 of 13 races for the season count toward end of the year points.

On Aug  22nd we will be having the karting exhibition on Saturday night during the stock car races.  The Jr Champ class will be making up their rained out even during this time as well as the introduction of the Clone Stock Appearing class.   Keep in mind the Jr Champ class mist weight 375# and be using a Stock Flat Head motor with a gold plate.  The Clone class will have a mix of flatheads, clones and possibly a WKA Stock Animal motor.   Hot laps start at 3p.  Each kart entry is allowed 2 free passes into the pits.  Additional passes are at cost.   In both of these classes we are looking to entertain the crowd and bring some interest to the Sunday kart racing club.  Come out and support the groups. 

On Sunday, Aug 23rd we will have a normal racing day, 2 heats and a feature race.  Gates open at 9a, Hot laps start at 11a and racing starts around 1p.

Test Drives:  If you are interested in a test drive of a kart at the track, please contact one of us on the contacts tab to schedule a date.

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