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McComb's Market

Alliance Yate Import Export LLC

Pringle Body Shop

Midvale Volunteer Ambulance

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Update: 1/11/15


Is everyone ready for racing in 2015!!

Preseason Planning meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 1st at 1p at the Midvale Park Pavilion.  We will discuss any and all changes for the classes for the season.  So if you want to be involved, please attend.

We should have the schedule finalized in the next few weeks.  I will post it when it has been approved. 

2014 Points


Timothy Knight   2010

Noah Salmon       354

Jr Road Course

Colton Ritchey         2614

Sam Bigham            2107

Elizabeth Laver        1066

Britton Ray                998

Jr Sportman Champ

Louie Antonsanti        2572

Nathan Shumaker      1643

Briggs Sports

Eric Goldstein            2617

Jr Champ

Colton Ritchey         2553

Mackinze Pringle     1968

Breadon Scott          1910

Sam Bigham             1901

Sr Flat Oval

Lee Walters       2559

Scott Cain           1989

Gary Shumaker       1656

Shane Ixos       179

Jim Scott          177

Sr Clone Oval

Rick Minnier    2616

Mitch Romar    534

Chuck Heyman     177

Keith Krers       160

Mark Romar      145

Suzanne Pauley    135

Flickinger Pipe Co.

We are currently looking for new Sponsorships for next year.  If you would like to be a part of the team, please contact one of us in the contacts section.