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(6 race min)


Nick Tedesco     205                 Gage Addy           180                 Deegan Zantene  160            Evan Tedesco      145              Colin DeCoursey   135 

Yamaha Rookie Samantha Zantene   201

Briggs Roadcourse

Evan Brinker         201 


Jr Champ

Konner Thomas     205           Sam Bigham         180             Talen Timberlake      160            Maddie Nichols        145       Emily Anthony         135  

Sr Flat Oval

Scott Cain   204                         Lee Walters      179                    Gary Shumaker       159         Kaleb Swanson    144   

Sr Clone Oval

Gerald Robinson    208          Alan Baker    183             Brandon Wood Merchant  163     Mark Romar    148               Suzanne Pauley     138               Rick Minnier    128                 Mitch Romar    118                  Bambi Romar   108 

2016 Points

Updated: 6/6/16

​Sorry, it been a while since I last updated the site.  We have a big weekend scheduled this weekend.  Saturday night is the first of the 2 exhibition races for the Midvale Karting Series on stock car night.  They have a big night planned with all divisions running and a few rainouts to make up from last weekend.  Pit gates open Saturday at 2p with hot laps starting at 3p and running till 5p.  They will work the karts in with the stock cars  during this time, with the karts hopefully getting 2 sessions.  Racing starts at 5p.  Kart features are scheduled to start at intermission which with the rainouts being made up and then the start of the normal night, will probably be around 8 or 830p.    Keep in mind pit entry is free for kart driver and one extra crew member.  But if you are also running a stock car, the stock car driver is required to pay proper entry fees. 

​Then on Sunday we are planning to run our Race #2.  Gates open at 9a, with hot laps around 1030a.  Racing starts at 1p.  

Busy weekend!!  I hope to see everyone at the track this weekend.


Remember to sign up for 2016 memberships in order to qualify for 2016 points.  ​​ We will have T-shirts ordered in the next few weeks so please be sure to note your shirt sizes with the membership form.

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