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McComb's Market

Pringle Body Shop

Club News

Updated: 5/17/15

Races for 5/17 have been cancelled due to the large amounts of rain.  The track was a mess this morning.  We will make this race up as a double feature on 5/31. Since it will be a double points race, kart entry for that day will be $40 for members and $50 for non-members.  All points go toward the end of the year.

Since week #3 was rained out, we would like to welcome all Willandale Golf Kart Sales Employees and Family Members to the track for free on 5/31.  We would also like to welcome Alliance Equipment employees and family members as well.  Thank you for supporting our Series.

Also please note entry to the track on race day, there was some confusion on who pays.  We made changes this year so NON-Racing kids 12 and under get in free.  If you have a 12 yr old that is racing then the $10 charges applys to enter the pits. 

2015 Points


Noah Salmon    359              Austin Berger     203                 Tim Knight          178

Yamaha Rookie

Anthony Lauer          404        Samantha Zantene   354

Yamaha Sportsman

Sam Bigham            360

Elizabeth Laver        355    Madison Bland        203

Flat Purple Plate

Emily Anthony        201

Jr Champ

Sam Bigham            365      Mackinze Pringle     350        Louie Antonsanti     340      Maddie Nichols        280   Braedon Scott          180          Talen Timberlake     135

Jr Champ Animal

Madison Bland       201

Sr Flat Oval

Scott Cain             175                  Lee Walters          155

Sr Clone Oval

Rick Minnier                413             Mitch Romar               308

Suzanne Pauley         273          Mark Romar                268             Scott Cain                   183   Bambi Romar            180     Brandon Wood-Merchant   148

Todd Chase                128

Lee Walters                 118

Paul's Car Care

Flickinger Pipe Company

Test Drives:  If you are interested in a test drive of a kart at the track, please contact one of us on the contacts tab to schedule a date.